Web Site Hosting

Atlas Multimedia is the perfect company to use if you need to host your web site or other Internet based applications.  We use the best technology available, including a virtual server with the RAM, processing speed, hardware and software for maximum web site efficiency.  We offer affordable prices for annual hosting and will offer significant discounts if part of a web site design or redesign package.  

Web Site Redesign

We have found that many companies want to retool their web site or update it without the expense of starting from scratch.  We are glad to assist with any updates or redesign your company has in mind and will work with you to use your existing web site as a starting point.  We provide web site design expertise using the most current languages and techniques.  We encourage organizations to start with a basic web site design and gradually add more elaborate creative components. Additional services include email, web site maintenance, computer and network support, flash drive presentations and software programming.